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Brighton Hydrant – 26.02.2012

My new band went on a little weekend jaunt last week with our pals in Matadors.  It was good fun taking in four gigs in 48 hours heading to Boston, Brixton, Dorking and Brighton before dashing back up the motorway for bed-time in Leeds and work on Monday morning.  Great times were had all round (but I won’t bore you with the in-jokes of a poorly written tour diary).

In Brighton I decided to try out the video camera on my new phone and it turns out that it’s pretty shit hot (all I need now is a decent Digital Voice Recorder and the blog can return to it’s full glory!).  So here’s some videos from that gig which the rather marvelous Dan Bowden put on for us on a gloriously hot February Sunday.

Emergency Bitter opened the gig and these soft skinheads from Fulham have really upped their game.  They remind me of Cock Sparrer if Ian Dury was fronting them (they were crying out to do a cover of “Working” – make it happen lads!).  So here’s a video of their unofficial anthem ‘Sold My Soul’.  You can find out more about them here and pick up their great EP.

Caution Horses from Brighton/London were up next.  These lot have been around for about six years now and never fail to dissapoint.  Veering somewhere between Mclusky, The Pixies and Shellac, they describe themselves as “To clever for the punks and too loud for the indie kids” and I’d say that was a fair assessment!  Also check out bassist Doog’s bandcamp page where you can listen to and download album’s by his other bands which are definately worth a punt.  They’re off on a tour round the former USSR so throw them some money!

Then before the headliners The Social Club (who I was too busy dancing to to get any videos) Leed’s finest exponents of angular rock and roll Matadors were up.  I’ve raved about them before but just check out these two videos to make up your own mind.  If you’re into bands like Murder City Devils, the Hot Snakes, Sultans et al then damn well give these a listen.  You can stream/download their album here so make sure you do.

The Magnificent @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

The Magnificent @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

I’m so glad to finally have a Mag’s set up here.  The members of The Magnificent have done/do time in That Fucking Tank, Buzzkill, and 86 so you know you’re dealing with Leeds punk’s finest here.  Regardless of their past and other bands The Mag’s are a band to be taken on their own.  If you’re missing The Tone (and who isn’t?!) then this is the direction you should be going, mixing up street punk (of Ringers, Offshore Radio and Rancid variety) with a strong power-pop edge ala The Replacements or Bruce Springsteen.  Not afraid to speak their mind, put in some graft and shock horror have some fun with it; The Mags’ are a gang first and a band second and I for one can bop to that.  This heckle filled set is also unique in that the band explain the meaning (some true, some well…) behind their songs and I’m glad to have captured them in fine fettle.

Enjoy then pop over to their website and purchase their wonderful album ‘Pay The Crimes’ which is out via the awesome awesome label that is Boss Tunage.

Here’s the set as mastered by the Mag’s own Jimmy, cheers dude, I reckon the other sets should sound better thanks to his tutition!

Set List:









Download the set by right clicking and saving as here

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