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Brighton Hydrant – 26.02.2012

My new band went on a little weekend jaunt last week with our pals in Matadors.  It was good fun taking in four gigs in 48 hours heading to Boston, Brixton, Dorking and Brighton before dashing back up the motorway for bed-time in Leeds and work on Monday morning.  Great times were had all round (but I won’t bore you with the in-jokes of a poorly written tour diary).

In Brighton I decided to try out the video camera on my new phone and it turns out that it’s pretty shit hot (all I need now is a decent Digital Voice Recorder and the blog can return to it’s full glory!).  So here’s some videos from that gig which the rather marvelous Dan Bowden put on for us on a gloriously hot February Sunday.

Emergency Bitter opened the gig and these soft skinheads from Fulham have really upped their game.  They remind me of Cock Sparrer if Ian Dury was fronting them (they were crying out to do a cover of “Working” – make it happen lads!).  So here’s a video of their unofficial anthem ‘Sold My Soul’.  You can find out more about them here and pick up their great EP.

Caution Horses from Brighton/London were up next.  These lot have been around for about six years now and never fail to dissapoint.  Veering somewhere between Mclusky, The Pixies and Shellac, they describe themselves as “To clever for the punks and too loud for the indie kids” and I’d say that was a fair assessment!  Also check out bassist Doog’s bandcamp page where you can listen to and download album’s by his other bands which are definately worth a punt.  They’re off on a tour round the former USSR so throw them some money!

Then before the headliners The Social Club (who I was too busy dancing to to get any videos) Leed’s finest exponents of angular rock and roll Matadors were up.  I’ve raved about them before but just check out these two videos to make up your own mind.  If you’re into bands like Murder City Devils, the Hot Snakes, Sultans et al then damn well give these a listen.  You can stream/download their album here so make sure you do.

The Deadbeat – Demo II

The Deadbeat are not only great mates of mine but they’re also one of my favourite bands of the last few years.  Rising from the remenants of Bastion and The Small Mercies they’ve carved a great path of their own with the great post rock’n roll sound reminding me of Hot Snakes, New Bomb Turks or The Bronx.  They’ve very kindly let me upload their new demo for free download before their upcoming final tour (hopefully they’ll get back together once Tony comes back from travelling but just in case I’d suggest getting to one of their last gigs).

So download their new demo from here and then head to one of their last gigs

I’d reccomend their LEEDS GIG (and not just as I’m putting it on..!)

Gruel, Jovian & State Icons @ The Cowley Club Brighton 14.08.10

Gruel, Jovian & State Icons @ The Cowley Club Brighton 14.08.10

Possibly the loudest gig I’ve been to since I saw Motorhead this was certainly a serious amount of noise for such a cosy venue.  It was Gruel’s last ever gig so despite them being from 300 miles north of Brighton the Cowley was still pretty packed.

State Icons opened and whilst, it was Gruel’s last gig, it was State Icon’s first and a pretty solid start it was!  I must admit a slight bias towards this band as up until about 5 weeks ago I was playing bass for them but my imminent move north has meant that they’ve managed to upgrade!  Made up of former members of Staathat, Rainydayfuckparade, Plague Sermon, Red Stars Parade, The Devils, Duckstab and a fair few other bands, the band certainly do have good pedigree.  You never would have known it was their first gig as they came across tight, experienced and confident.  Check out the video below for a flavour of the set then download the full set by right clicking and ‘saving as’ here

Jovian were next on the bill.  Brighton’s best kept secret is the rest of the UK (and world’s!) loss.  They’re booking a UK tour soon so get involved when they come to you as never has a band so well blended all out noise and doom with such catchy riffs.  Members of Cat on Form and End The Agony certainly give you a vague point in the direction of their sound (well much more so with the End The Agony sound..!).  Again have a gander at the video below then right click and save as here to download the full set

Gruel finished off the night with what was their last ever gig.  I wasn’t too familiar with the band beyond knowing that  among mates into their psychedelic noise type music they were seen as top of the pile.  I checked them out online before and enjoyed what sounded like quite pleasant riff fueled 60’s influenced doom but live it was another prospect entirely!   Whilst the music was awesome (as you’ll be able to hear below) the visual spectacle took it to another level, for those of you who know the cafe/library/social space that is the Cowley (check out pic’s on their site if not) imagine the place plunged into darkness, filled with smoke and then a dude in a cowl with a scythe and covered in blood walking through and just screaming at everyone!  Then spot lights shoot up from the floor and the band kicks in with weird images being projected on the back wall – awesome right!  Below is a short clip just to give you a tiny impression of the fun that was had.  Just gutted I won’t see them again.  Right click here and ‘save as’ to download the full set for your listening pleasure!

Caves @ The Hope Brighton 24.07.10

Caves @ The Hope Brighton 24.07.10

Caves (gig picture coming soon!) were on tour with Good Luck when they reached the sunny shores of Brighton.  I’d heard a lot of good things about them but hadn’t yet heard either their 7″ on Specialist Subject Records or their split 10″ (with Calvinball, Pure Graft and Big City Plan) on Records or it Didn’t Happen.  What I did know was that the trio were fronted by Lou from Flamingo 50 a phenomenal power-pop-punk band from Liverpool who I never caught live so I was very interested to see if Caves shared any of the same influences.  After seeing them live I am rather happy to say that they are without a doubt (and yes I know I say this a lot..!) one of the best UK punk bands I have seen for quite some time; though definately coming from a similar place as Flamingo 50 (with Lou at the helm with her fantastic voice and guitar playing there were always going to be comparisons) the band steer clear of just being F50 part 2 by going down a more introspective route with a more Superchunk, Lemonheads vibe which is never ever a bad thing.

Check out this video of them playing Homeward Bound and Torn it Down from the gig, then download their set, fall in love with it then go buy both their records.

Set List:

Sick and Tired
Fell Apart
200 Miles
Homeward Bound
Torn It Down
Download the set by right clicking and saving as here

Good Luck @ The Hope Brighton 24.07.10

Good Luck @ The Hope Brighton 24.07.10

Good Luck are a pretty special band, I listened to their album Into Lake Griffy throughout my honeymoon as we travelled across Canada and America and it really is a great ‘concept’ album (in the loosest sense) to capture life, releationships and travelling – good times.  The band (featuring members past and present of some incredible bands such as One Reason, Darkness on The Edge of Town and Mr. Twee Talent Awesomeness himself – Matty Pop Chart).  Whilst there’s undeniably a whole lot of twee and pop to this band (ala Kimya Dawson perhaps?) there’s also a whole load of depth, talent and impressive lyrical depth; they manage to be a ‘musician’s band’ in that they are technically adapt but not noodling for the sake of it, they’re all about the songs and as their cover of Prince’s ‘When You Were Mine’ show they can throw in some humour as well.  They’re on tour around the UK now so do not miss them.  You can buy their album on CD directly from them or the vinyl from No Idea Records.  The band also have a new EP out which you can get from them at gigs or via a pay what you like download at their bandcamp page.  This set was from the second date of their UK tour and was at The Hope in Brighton.  The Hope is a pretty cool venue but I’ve always had problems dealing with them as a promoter as their sound limiter can be a real pisser as can really interrupt sets when bands are being told to turn down.  It wasn’t too big of an issue at this gig though and Jay put on a really great gig and everyone seemed to be really into all of it.  The other bands (Sauna Youth, Break The Habit and Caves) were all great too.  Well enough from me, enjoy the set!  Oh also my batteries (well my recorder’s batteries, I’m not a robot…or am I?!) ran out mid set so there is a song missing as I was trying to find spares, see if you can spot the seamless (!) editing.

Set List:

Come Home


Novel Figure

Stars Were Exploding

How To Live Here

Sleep With No Bad Dreams

When You Were Mine (Prince cover)

Public Radio

Man on Fire

Right click and download from here

Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

I can’t pretend to know an awful lot about Never Again, I’d heard their name bandied about a bit by people that were into the more ‘moshtastic’ of the hardcore bands and assumed they’d be of a similar ilk so it was with some cynicism that I watched them at the (incredible) Brighton matinee gig that Jay put on.  Though not totally enamoured with the crowd (packed gig, everyone watching but 5-10 people ‘owning’ the front by punching and kicking like some robot ninjas whose circuits had gone haywire) the band really impressed me.  Though clearly taking influences (whether directly or not) from bands like Sick of it All, Cro-Mags and the like they definately put a new slant on things and weren’t afraid to talk about their politics which is something that is in dire need in what is quite a macho scene.  The band have some lovely vinyl out too so head over to their myspace and check it out.

Here’s the set:

Intro/Race Riots

Pressure II

Anxiety Attack

No Sympathy

Mindless Believer

Poor Excuse

Watered Down

Same Old Story

Enough Is Enough

Shallow Life

Right click and download/save as here

Break The Habit @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

Break The Habit @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

OK ok it’s been a fair while since the eleventh of April but sometimes life gets busy and sometimes I get lazy!  But hopefully anticipation has built to a crescendo point and the server will explode as you download away.  Anyhow Break The Habit are four chaps from Brighton.  As well as being involved with many other bands past and present such as Fisticuffs, The Hotlines, Corrigan and Los Mendozas (or rumour has it) the band members also run This Ones For The Crew records/gigs and Nothing to Prove Records so they’re busy busy boys.
Sound wise they are undeniable (and unashamedly) influenced by Latterman and their ilk but there’s certainly a British touch to them not a million miles away from the likes of Shermer, Circus Act or their good buddies Bangers.
They’re also fairly prolific with three slabs of vinyl out (them being splits with Bangers, Spraynard and the upcoming split with Solutions/Cutting Class).  You can purchase all of these via their myspace but they have also made all of their recorded music available for free on the aforementioned site so get going (and then buy some beautiful vinyl!).
This gig was supporting the god damn amazing Bomb at the Windmill along with Southport, The Magnificent, Serf Combat and Question The Mark.  Check out my rambles about this gig and associated band in other entries.
So without further ado here’s the set list:
The Night Watch
Driving Home
Eerie, Indiana Ashdown
Risk Averse
”Clean Up In Aisle Wales, AMIRITE!”
Subtlety Has Never Been My Forte
Right click/save as and download from here

The Dead Beat @ Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

The Deadbeat @ The Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

The Dead Beat are a 50% London, 50% Brighton post-rock ‘n’ roll machine.  If that isn’t enough hyperbole for one sentence then this is a new(ish) band that developed from the remnants of The Small Mercies and then added in one Dan Bowden from the much missed Bastion.  Sounding absolutely nothing like their past bands The Deadbeat invoke the sounds of The Bronx, Shellac and at times Fugazi or The Hot Snakes, no bad thing as you can imagine.

This set saw frontman Dan also acting as promoter for the night which might explain the slight sense of urgency in their set as they try to keep things on time (at a punk show at the Cowley Club?  Good luck with that one!).

If you enjoy their set head over here for a free download of their incredible EP.

Set List:







right click and save as here to download this set

Caution Horses @ The Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

Caution Horses @ The Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

This was another set from the Cowley Club gig that the Apologies I Have None download below also came from.  It was a jam packed night with Dan from The Deadbeat stressed out to the max in promoter role (I actually thought his head might explode at one point when the backline failed to appear).  As it happened the gig was a roaring success; Dan did an ace job creating a great mixed bill and Caution Horses played an urgent, pummeling set with the new drummer giving the band a much more aggressive and powerful edge.  If you haven’t heard of them before imagine a fine melting pot of Shellac, Mclusky and The Pixies – yes that good I shit you not.   With more tours and bigger gigs coming up there is no better time to be checking this lot out and getting hold of one of their lovely handmade CDs.  Do not miss out and be crying over ebay in a few years.

Set List:







Download the set by right clicking here and saving as

Apologies I Have None @ The Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

Apologies I Have None are shit hot, that is all you need to know.  If you would like to know more though, then in the words of Chris Morris, ‘here is the news…’.  AIHN used to be a two piece (Josh and Dan) they were fucking sweet and the songs were shit hot.  Then a little while ago they announced they were becoming a four piece, moving Josh from drums to second guitar and getting in a drummer and bassist; uh oh! said everyone, change is bad!  We were all apprehensive but then we found out PJ (of Rooftops, Neil Sutherland Band and mostly importantly of all PJ & Gaby fame) was to be the bassist, this made the world less sceptical as he’s a well known cool dude and wouldn’t be in a shit band.  Then I saw AIHN as a four piece and all was good with the world.  The songs are now bigger, warmer, dare I say better and with some bad ass motown-esque bass lines.  Rejoice!  Here they are playing at the Cowley Club in Brighton in fine fettle, a slightly shorter set than usual as shit was tight on the night with lots of bands but I like short sets (leaves you wanting more innit).  So tuck on in then go and buy their new 7″ from here its ace and has some cut out and fold animals, what more could you want?!

Set List:


100 CLUB




right click and save as to download from here

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