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The Dauntless Elite @ The Retro Bar Manchester 07.04.10

Dauntless Elite @ The Retro Bar Manchester 07.04.10

Another cracking set from The Bomb in Manchester a few months back.  The Dauntless Elite (if you are one of the few people that hasn’t encountered them) are Britain’s finest punk rock export.  Hailing from Leeds and being made up by 50% of Fig 4.0 and 50% Joe 90 the result was equal measures pop tinged punk and equal measures passion infused hardcore punk (or maybe they sound a bit like American Steel or No Choice which sounds  a lot less pouncy?)  Rather than burning out and pushing themselves round the country over and over again in a short space this lot have been building up a name as one of the most exciting, down to Earth and generally incredible bands in the UK (not to mention being some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the honour of getting to know).  They’ve steadily been  releasing records on some of the best labels around (Bombed Out, Snuffy Smile and Plan-it-X) sporadically playing gigs across the country and venturing to the USA and at this gig in Manchester they were playing (for the first time I believe) some of the new songs that will be making up the follow up to Graft.

As most of the songs in this set were unnamed I am taking the rare and shocking action to omit a set list here (smack on the wrist I know…) but enjoy.  To be honest the best thing about this set (aside from the awesome new songs of course) is hearing Lee talk a whole load of shit, the man should be doing stand up not playing guitar.  I may even make a download of all the crap he talked that I had to edit out (due to upload speeds more than censorship, though…).

So..!  Right click here, save as and enjoy!

P.S I’m writing this with what feels like the start of man-flu so excuse the ramblings…Oh there’s also some videos of this set that I spotted on youtube here not sure who made them but good job!

Big City Plan @ Retro Bar Manchester 07.04.10

Big City Plan @ Retro Bar Manchester 07.04.10

Big City Plan are the new kids on the block of the Birmingham punk rock scene.  ‘Gifted’ with the voice and guitar (and not forgetting ability to attract screaming girls) of one Lewis (of Shermer fame) as well as Kev from RedCarpetRobots the band were off to a pretty good start from day one.  Now beefing their sound up with a second guitar, their Selly Oak via Gainsville sound of big gruff voices with big gritty guitars is doing wonders for blocked ears all across the Midlands.  This banter filled set is from when the band played with The Dauntless Elite and The Bomb (oh and Serf Combat) last week up in Manchester on the first date of the Bomb’s tour.  Good times were had by all.  You can also download their new demo totally from free via the band here

Set List:

Lewis assures me that they have no song titles so just right click and download the set from here and enjoy!

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