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Protectors/Digger Barnes/Achtung Everybody!/Jimmy Islip/Get Human @ The Fox & Newt

Yeah yeah I know, I said no more gigs but when Bombed Out Records come calling, who knows what happens when you say no?  This little shin-dig is a warm up for the main event the following day at The Well but should provide some pretty awesome entertainment for the good people of Leeds on a cold Friday night!

The gig takes place at The Fox & Newt (just a minute away from The Well) in their suprisingly well kitted out gig room (and check out the amazingly cheap and tasty food before the gig!), performing for you on the night we have…

Protectors – Wakefield’s finest!  Gradually becoming Legends in the locality of Yorkshire (and hopefully soon and beyond).  Having plied their trade in such previous greats as Nathanial Green, Dugong, Chopper and Pylon these lads know how to rock out a tune or two.  Evoking Supergrass and Guided By Voices their indie ditties are well worth checking out.

Digger Barnes – all the way from Hamburg, this travelling troubedour was last seen over these shores with Austin Lucas and left quite a mark.  If you’re into Richmond Fontaine and the like then be sure to get down!

Achtung Everybody! Fast, tight and sexy.  And that’s just frontman Benny’s legs when he’s on his bike.  AE! don’t play enough gigs due to several complicated reasons (disorganisation apparently one of the more prevelant ones), so make sure you get to see them here.  Technical yet catchy punk rock not a million miles from Strike Anywhere and all that.

Jimmy Islip.  Yes he of That Fucking Tank, The Magnificent, Kill Yourself and Milloy but on his tod!  Singing bittersweet acoustic anthems.  Check out his split with Helen Chambers, Sam Russo and Chuck Ragan.  Good times.

Get Human.  Er it’s me new band innit!  Don’t let that put you off.  I’d like to think we sound like Snuff, J-Church or Sicko but I’d also like a lot of things so don’t put too much weight on that.

£4 in, bands from 7.30

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Gruel, Jovian & State Icons @ The Cowley Club Brighton 14.08.10

Gruel, Jovian & State Icons @ The Cowley Club Brighton 14.08.10

Possibly the loudest gig I’ve been to since I saw Motorhead this was certainly a serious amount of noise for such a cosy venue.  It was Gruel’s last ever gig so despite them being from 300 miles north of Brighton the Cowley was still pretty packed.

State Icons opened and whilst, it was Gruel’s last gig, it was State Icon’s first and a pretty solid start it was!  I must admit a slight bias towards this band as up until about 5 weeks ago I was playing bass for them but my imminent move north has meant that they’ve managed to upgrade!  Made up of former members of Staathat, Rainydayfuckparade, Plague Sermon, Red Stars Parade, The Devils, Duckstab and a fair few other bands, the band certainly do have good pedigree.  You never would have known it was their first gig as they came across tight, experienced and confident.  Check out the video below for a flavour of the set then download the full set by right clicking and ‘saving as’ here

Jovian were next on the bill.  Brighton’s best kept secret is the rest of the UK (and world’s!) loss.  They’re booking a UK tour soon so get involved when they come to you as never has a band so well blended all out noise and doom with such catchy riffs.  Members of Cat on Form and End The Agony certainly give you a vague point in the direction of their sound (well much more so with the End The Agony sound..!).  Again have a gander at the video below then right click and save as here to download the full set

Gruel finished off the night with what was their last ever gig.  I wasn’t too familiar with the band beyond knowing that  among mates into their psychedelic noise type music they were seen as top of the pile.  I checked them out online before and enjoyed what sounded like quite pleasant riff fueled 60’s influenced doom but live it was another prospect entirely!   Whilst the music was awesome (as you’ll be able to hear below) the visual spectacle took it to another level, for those of you who know the cafe/library/social space that is the Cowley (check out pic’s on their site if not) imagine the place plunged into darkness, filled with smoke and then a dude in a cowl with a scythe and covered in blood walking through and just screaming at everyone!  Then spot lights shoot up from the floor and the band kicks in with weird images being projected on the back wall – awesome right!  Below is a short clip just to give you a tiny impression of the fun that was had.  Just gutted I won’t see them again.  Right click here and ‘save as’ to download the full set for your listening pleasure!

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