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Clean Shirts – Leeds – 20.09.12

Clean Shirts, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, 20.09.12

Get Human were very kindly asked to play at Wharf Chambers last week with Dry Heaves, Eagulls, Kids Insane and an awesome new band from Harrogate Clean Shirts. I don’t know much about them except this was only their second ever gig and they ripped it up. Here’s a video of one of their songs and if I find a link to more about them I’ll post it right up.

Serf Combat + Jeff Pezzatti = AWESOME

OK so the blog has now reached it’s peak of self indulgence but please indulge me if you will (check out the ignoring of my English A-Level skills of repeating the word indulgence – just did it again). But last saturday night something truly awesome happened. My band Serf Combat were opening for Chicago’s finest The Bomb.  Now The Bomb are an incredible band; mixing up that classic Chicago punk rock sound with influences ranging from Husker Du, The Buzzocks and despite my irrational disdain for 80’s indie even bands like The Smiths, Gang of Four and Wire.  They really will blow you away both on record and live, the fact that they contain members of Naked Raygun, Big Black, The Methadones, Textbook and Noise By Numbers doesn’t help at all.  Ah yes, Naked Raygun the band whom without who Serf Combat would have neither a name nor sound, we do owe rather a lot to them.  So when Jeff Pezzatti of The Bomb/Naked Raygun asked if we wanted to perform our cover version of Naked Raygun’s Vanilla Blue with him singing we jumped (albeit very very nervously) at the chance.  So here in all my smug glory is Serf Combat covering the classic anthem Vanilla Blue at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston with Mr. Pezzatti on vocals.

Here’s the audio version (recorded a bit better) if you are as nerdy as me – you can have it to keep by right clicking and saving as.

If you really need to compare, here’s the original from 1987

Click the picture below to see a slideshow of pictures from the evening (well of The Bomb, Sauna Youth & Above Them)

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