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Ten Songs Podcast

Ten Songs Podcast is Phil Chokeword (Facial Disobedience Zine, Last Hours Zine, Pilger, Gordon Gano’s Army) internet baby, a lovingly created monthly podcast featuring Phil’s favourite ten songs from the month.  Usually punk and hardcore related there’s also the odd folk or garage anthem on there too and recently Phil has had some band’s record sets for the show and has also had some guest presenter’s in.  I feel privileged to have been invited by Phil to contribute to this latest podcast (which also turns out to be one of the last for a while as Phil heads off to Australia – bit of a world away from Southampton!).  It was hard choosing which songs from the blog to put on the podcast but a mixture of sound quality and awesomeness helped.  So here’s the track listing for podcast number 20.  Download it, enjoy, then work your way through the other equally fantastic episodes.

1. Thee Oh Sees – Castiatic Tackle (From the Warm Slime CD on In The Red Records)
2. Crimpshrine –Summertime (From the Duct Tape Soup CD on Lookout Records)
3. Nightbirds – Prognosis: Negative (From the S/T 7 inch on Grave Mistake Records and Dirtnap Records)
4. Automatic – Crossing Kill Creek (From the Crossing Kill Creek CD on Indecision Records)
5. Discount – Clap and Cough (From the Half Fiction CD on Kat Records)
6. Exploding Hearts – Rumours In Town (From the Guitar Romantic CD on Dirtnap Records)
7. Chillerton – True Dudes (From the Hollow Lane 7inch on Kiss of Death Records)
8. Bastad! Rats! – All We Need (From the Rough Nuts & Soft Nuts CD, downloaded from the Kill Your Own website)
9. The Shaking Hands – You Should Really Get That Looked At (From the S/T CD on ADD Records and Kiss of Death Records)

Guest set – Toby from A Load Of Stuff That Happened blog
10. Never Again – Same Old Story (live at the Albert Brighton)
11. The Magnificent – Six Beers (live at the Windmill Brixton)
12. Apologies I Have None – Sat in Vicky Park (live at the Cowley Club Brighton)
13. Caves – Torn it Down (live at the Hope Brighton)

14. Monikers – Too Much (From the split 7 inch with The Delay on Kiss of Death Records)

Download, stream or subscribe using itunes at

Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

I can’t pretend to know an awful lot about Never Again, I’d heard their name bandied about a bit by people that were into the more ‘moshtastic’ of the hardcore bands and assumed they’d be of a similar ilk so it was with some cynicism that I watched them at the (incredible) Brighton matinee gig that Jay put on.  Though not totally enamoured with the crowd (packed gig, everyone watching but 5-10 people ‘owning’ the front by punching and kicking like some robot ninjas whose circuits had gone haywire) the band really impressed me.  Though clearly taking influences (whether directly or not) from bands like Sick of it All, Cro-Mags and the like they definately put a new slant on things and weren’t afraid to talk about their politics which is something that is in dire need in what is quite a macho scene.  The band have some lovely vinyl out too so head over to their myspace and check it out.

Here’s the set:

Intro/Race Riots

Pressure II

Anxiety Attack

No Sympathy

Mindless Believer

Poor Excuse

Watered Down

Same Old Story

Enough Is Enough

Shallow Life

Right click and download/save as here

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