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Some Sort of Threat – You Can Call Me Al

Thanks to everyone who came to the gig at Dock Street Market last night, it was a bit odd at times with talking levels but most people seemed to be into it (as seen by the great amount of donations people gave!) and all the acts were really awesome and are welcome back anytime at all (in fact Rory is back at this gig that Hello Bastards are putting on rather soon).  Dock St were awesome to work with and were helpful all night (and provided some rather amazing food) so massive cheers to them and I hope to be doing something again with them soon.

Other massive thanks go to the cool dude who came on and ended the night with a perfect Kinks cover and to The Mannions (TM) who rescued my shoe box full of 7″‘s that I left behind the bar (Toto, Kenickie and more – oof!).

Here’s a video of Rory Matthews (aka Some Sort of Threat) and Olive Anne doing a rather nice cover of a rather nice song.

Set Sail Fest @ The 1 in 12 Club Bradford 11/09/10

Set Sail Fest @ The 1 in 12 Club Bradford 11/09/10

So off to the legendary 1 in 12 Club in Bradford for one of their all dayers.  These tend to range from awesome to empty so there was a slight trepidation to the day!  Luckily this day veered more towards the awesome and fair play to Sean for this being his first ever gig, the place was nicely packed (though with 14 bands it would be hard not too!) and I didn’t see a dud band over a looong day and night.

Most people know Oliver John Ward as Jugs, Sweet Jugs, ‘that dude from Rooftops’ or many more never derogatory (!) names.  Well he’s recently branched into that perilous field of punks that is going solo.  I know Ollie is a good dude but was a bit worried about what he’d be like on his own.  Luckily I, and many others there were very surprised by how good he was.  Rather than going the ‘folk-punk’ route, Ollie plays his guitar hard, sings from his guts and packs a serious punch, plowing a very unique style and oh the poem at the end!  When you listen to the poem, remember that a small child was in the room at the time.

Here’s a video of one of Ollie’s tunes then right-click here to download the full set (set list coming soon).

Apologies I Have None played a mid afternoon set and it was great to see them playing to a non-home town audience and still getting an incredible reception.  I won’t wax on about them any further as I think I’ve said it all before but this set really reaffirmed that they are one of the greatest bands going in the UK at the moment.  So as a break from the norm here’s a video of the whole set.  It was originally recorded in awesome HD quality but for some reason when I divided the video up for youtube the quality moved to that of an 80’s VHS but hey!

Part (1)

Part (2)

Part (3)

Part (4)

Whilst we’re chucking out videos, here’s one of my boys We Grow Beards rocking out ‘Miner’s Strike’ later in the day.  Good times were had by all in their set including members of Apologies and Don’t Let Paris Fool You stage invading for their now fairly tight (honestly!) Against Me cover.

My biggest surprise of the day was Durham’s One Night Stand In North Dakota.  If I’m going to be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to them, I’d written them off as another shitty ‘folk punk’ band of which there are very few doing it well.  How wrong was I.  Without one of the most exciting, inspiring and enjoyable sets I’ve seen in quite some time.  Managing to show a well considered, intellectual covering of important issues without patronising people and all the whilst managing to create an atmosphere where people can sing a long, crowd surf and have an amazing time.  I never thought two people with acoustic guitars could create this and I’ll be checking out their back catalogue asap on Discount Horse Records

Set List:

Heterosexuality is a Construct

Shop Less Live More

Kim Kelly is My Friends

If Anyone Needs Me I’ll Be in the Angry Dome

That Takes Ovaries

Either He’s Dead or My Watch Has Stopped

My Clean Sweep at the Clown Oscars

Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter

I could Carve a Better Man out of a Banana

Download the set from here by right clicking and saving as or just click to stream!

Homestead Fest @ The Homestead Southampton 20.06.10

(click image above for more pictures of the Sunday)

Homestead Fest at the Homestead Southampton 20.06.10

Homestead Fest was a going away party of sorts for the legendary house/venue that is the Homestead.  Serf Combat played on the Sunday so the only recordings I have are from that date (damn dissertation stopping Saturday fun!).   I don’t really feel like I’m the most well informed person to talk about the Homestead in Southampton having only been there twice and only played there once but I do feel well qualified to say that it was one of the most inspiring days I’ve had in a long time, really reminding me why creativity, friends and good old DIY punk really is a great thing.  So enough cheese from me, onto some of the bands I recorded.  Oh and if you want more info on the place and what happened to it, then head over here.


The first performance I saw was by Joey Tu.  I don’t know a lot about this fella at all.  What I do know is that he played a fun, interesting set with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and uke which had a conservatory full of punks (and the obligatory dog) watching.  Fun times.  Here’s a video of him playing ‘Great Expectations’ then you can download the full set below:

Set List:

Seven Nights and Seven Days

Great Expectations



Thinking About You (?)

The Uprising

Right Click and then download/save as from here


Three Pairs of Shoes were up next and I think extended a few people’s perceptions about what DIY music could produce and what the term folk really meant.  I’m not meaning to put any bands down but folk influenced punk does not folk make and these three really showed that.  Proper folk from the word go, this was incredible musicianship, incredible songs and entertainment from start to finish.  Rather than evoking Against Me or Billy Bragg this was much more from the Fence Collective school, reminding me of King Creosote, Pete Seeger or James Yorkston and the Tom Waits cover was a welcome bonus!  Raising the bar from the off, I look forward to seeing these three again.  Check ’em out, get their demo then their new CD and then go from there.  Here’s a video of them ripping it up with their full set for download below…

Set List:

Sailor’s lament

Riverboat tango


Jockey full of bourbon (tom waits cover)

In the summer

Thin air.

All I knew before Homestead Fest about the Working Dead is that they’re from Watford and frankly as an ex-Watfordian carrying the burdan I know that that’s enough to make me watch them.  I think there may also be ex-members of the FBATS but I wouldn’t call that a selling point (sorry!).  I also now know that they’re a pretty damn good punk band mixing up skate punk with None More Black style melodies and some heavy almost crust like moments.  Thats about all I do know but they’re definately one to keep an eye on and I reckon with more time and gigs their sound may get a bit more refined (and perhaps a little bit of a shorter set – 33 mins? 20 mins is optimal I reckon!).  Good stuff.
Here’s the set!
Don’t hate the playa, hate the game
The Steal
Short Angry one
Southern Weather
Harmonising with Tinnitus
Thrash Pop is Dead
Battle Of…
Working, Dead
Five of Seven
I Played in FBATS for Three Years and all I got was Giles’ Cock in my Ear
Area 51
Right click/save as to download from here

So…the first band to have two sets on this blog, whats that all about?!  Well the thing is I’ve come to realise that WEGROWBEARDS are actually very good.  Don’t tell Alf or Dunc that as I’ll never hear the end of it.  More importantly they played this gig as a two piece as Phill (bass) has recently left.  Phill is a shit hot bassist and was great in the band but to be totally honest I think they are much better as a two piece, much more passion, rawness and well…fun.  This was two dude on drums and guitar boxed into the corner of a (in fairness very large!) bedroom with a ton of people shouting along and having fun.  One of the best things here was the heckling too, to make this set less cliquey here’s some info to help understand the heckles..!
* James Hull is the main antagoniser and instigator of heckles.  Later that night he stage dived off a step ladder.
* Apologies I Have None are an awesome folk influenced punk band who used to be a two piece – those two members are very skinny.
* Porches are another band which Duncan and Alf are in – they run on booze
* Serf Combat is another band which Alf is also in (and me!) – we played after and someone ran across the ceiling upside down
Check out the video here of them covering Against Me for an idea of the set.  Then check out the set below…
Set List:
Peasants Revolt
The Miners Strike
Black and Tans
The Game
Pints of Guiness Make You Strong (Against Me! cover)
Reinventing Axl Rose (Against Me! cover)
Download by right click/saving as here

WEGROWBEARDS @ The Lincoln Arms Dorking 19.03.10

WEGROWBEARDS @ The Lincoln Arms Dorking 19.03.10

On Friday 19th March ‘Fun’ Alf from WEGROWBEARDS/Serf Combat put on a stupid amount of bands and the gig kicked off at an alarming hour of 9.30!  Still chips were eaten, darts were thrown (with the now legendary double 7 thrown by Alf to help team Serf Combat defeat the dart tyrants in Southport) and some fine music was played.  WEGROWBEARDS are Dorking’s finest exponents of folk-punk very much in a This Bike Is a Pipebomb vein.  Some rather dubious heckles occured, much booze was consumed and a fine time was had by all.

Set List:






right click and save as here to download the set

Helen Chambers @ The Portland Arms Cambridge 04.07.09

Helen Chambers – Portland Arms Cambridge 4th July 2009

On the 4th July 2009, DS put on without a doubt the best two days of music I have ever played or attended.  Over the course of two days a whole range of awesome bands played at the Portland Arms in Cambridge; including Logic Problems, That Fucking Tank, The Shitty Limits, Skimmer, Southport and the rather fabulous  Helen Chambers.  Helen plays acoustic folk music but tends to show up at punk gigs rather than folk ones and as can be heard here is very welcome at them!  You can pick up a copy of Helen’s CD ‘An Afternoon in Eastbourne’ from her myspace so get in touch as they’re very cheap and rather good.

Set List:





SO AWAKE (Tuesday Cover)


right click to Download set here

The Mighty Cougar @ The Fighting Cocks Kingston 05.02.10

On Friday 5th Feb 2010, we played at our regular haunt, the Fighting Cocks in Kingston Upon Thames along with our good pal Alex from the mighty mighty Wonk Unit (and formerly of those London charmers The Flying Medallions) played a solo set under his superhero guise of The Mighty Cougar at a not exactly sold out (but fun none the less) gig and here we have it for your downloading and enjoyment.  It’s a mix of Wonk Unit songs, Alex’s solo songs and his ever present poems.  The gig itself was a reminder of that ever important tour booking lesson – NEVER NEVER NEVER (!) when booking a tour book a venue and promote a gig yourself in the town you don’t live in.  The Wickets and Big Gay Following from Nottingham were both lovely people and pretty good bands but they are not exactly household names in Kingston and this is probablly why they found it hard to get a gig.  The answer is not booking a venue yourself and whacking a couple of local-ish bands on the bill (well one member out of two bands being from Kingston..!).  This will result in not many people showing up (more than I expected to be honest but barely double figures) and a weird and awkward night all round.

Alex played a rather good set as you can hear, blunted only slightly by his total exhaustion as a result of several 12 hour shift working days in a row, meaning he forgot the odd bit here and there but still the usual awesomeness, oddness and offensiveness ensured.

Right click and save as  via this link here to download the set

Set List:









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