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Break The Habit @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

Break The Habit @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

OK ok it’s been a fair while since the eleventh of April but sometimes life gets busy and sometimes I get lazy!  But hopefully anticipation has built to a crescendo point and the server will explode as you download away.  Anyhow Break The Habit are four chaps from Brighton.  As well as being involved with many other bands past and present such as Fisticuffs, The Hotlines, Corrigan and Los Mendozas (or rumour has it) the band members also run This Ones For The Crew records/gigs and Nothing to Prove Records so they’re busy busy boys.
Sound wise they are undeniable (and unashamedly) influenced by Latterman and their ilk but there’s certainly a British touch to them not a million miles away from the likes of Shermer, Circus Act or their good buddies Bangers.
They’re also fairly prolific with three slabs of vinyl out (them being splits with Bangers, Spraynard and the upcoming split with Solutions/Cutting Class).  You can purchase all of these via their myspace but they have also made all of their recorded music available for free on the aforementioned site so get going (and then buy some beautiful vinyl!).
This gig was supporting the god damn amazing Bomb at the Windmill along with Southport, The Magnificent, Serf Combat and Question The Mark.  Check out my rambles about this gig and associated band in other entries.
So without further ado here’s the set list:
The Night Watch
Driving Home
Eerie, Indiana Ashdown
Risk Averse
”Clean Up In Aisle Wales, AMIRITE!”
Subtlety Has Never Been My Forte
Right click/save as and download from here

The Magnificent @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

The Magnificent @ The Windmill Brixton 11.04.10

I’m so glad to finally have a Mag’s set up here.  The members of The Magnificent have done/do time in That Fucking Tank, Buzzkill, and 86 so you know you’re dealing with Leeds punk’s finest here.  Regardless of their past and other bands The Mag’s are a band to be taken on their own.  If you’re missing The Tone (and who isn’t?!) then this is the direction you should be going, mixing up street punk (of Ringers, Offshore Radio and Rancid variety) with a strong power-pop edge ala The Replacements or Bruce Springsteen.  Not afraid to speak their mind, put in some graft and shock horror have some fun with it; The Mags’ are a gang first and a band second and I for one can bop to that.  This heckle filled set is also unique in that the band explain the meaning (some true, some well…) behind their songs and I’m glad to have captured them in fine fettle.

Enjoy then pop over to their website and purchase their wonderful album ‘Pay The Crimes’ which is out via the awesome awesome label that is Boss Tunage.

Here’s the set as mastered by the Mag’s own Jimmy, cheers dude, I reckon the other sets should sound better thanks to his tutition!

Set List:









Download the set by right clicking and saving as here

Question The Mark @ The Brixton Windmill 11.04.10

Question The Mark @ The Brixton Windmill 11.04.10

Question The Mark are a new band for me, I’ve heard their name about before but never had the chance to see or hear (well I guess I could have gone to myspace so thats more laziness than anything…) them before.  Well on Sunday we were playing with The Bomb in London so got the chance as these fine lads from Bridgend were playing too.  They were a man down as one of their guitarists was unable to make it but they played a damn fine set as a trio and their blend of Avail and Hot Water Music (i.e loads of hooks and a beefy as fuck sound) went down a treat.  I hope to see these lot more in future.  Head over to their myspace as well to pick up one of their 7″‘s which can be ordered from them.

Set List:






download the set by right clicking and saving as here

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