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The Mighty Cougar @ The Fighting Cocks Kingston 05.02.10

On Friday 5th Feb 2010, we played at our regular haunt, the Fighting Cocks in Kingston Upon Thames along with our good pal Alex from the mighty mighty Wonk Unit (and formerly of those London charmers The Flying Medallions) played a solo set under his superhero guise of The Mighty Cougar at a not exactly sold out (but fun none the less) gig and here we have it for your downloading and enjoyment.  It’s a mix of Wonk Unit songs, Alex’s solo songs and his ever present poems.  The gig itself was a reminder of that ever important tour booking lesson – NEVER NEVER NEVER (!) when booking a tour book a venue and promote a gig yourself in the town you don’t live in.  The Wickets and Big Gay Following from Nottingham were both lovely people and pretty good bands but they are not exactly household names in Kingston and this is probablly why they found it hard to get a gig.  The answer is not booking a venue yourself and whacking a couple of local-ish bands on the bill (well one member out of two bands being from Kingston..!).  This will result in not many people showing up (more than I expected to be honest but barely double figures) and a weird and awkward night all round.

Alex played a rather good set as you can hear, blunted only slightly by his total exhaustion as a result of several 12 hour shift working days in a row, meaning he forgot the odd bit here and there but still the usual awesomeness, oddness and offensiveness ensured.

Right click and save as  via this link here to download the set

Set List:









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