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Jungleland – a Springzine

A little whilst back I was put in touch with a chap called Matthias who was putting together a collection of articles, stories and ideas based around Bruce Springsteen.  As someone partial to THE GODDAMN BOSS I was a little keen to contribute.  Fast-forward some time to now and this zine is well and truly out there (in fact it sold over 100 copies in a week!).  This is what it looks like:

Matthias has done an amazing job with the zine and it’s a truly great collection.  You can pick up a copy from here  where you can also see some excerpts (*cough* including mine *cough*).  So get on board before these are only available on ebay.  Hopefully there will be some available in the North of England via the NWOCAP money machine (i.e. I’m going to try and sell some at Jumbo and Crash record shops and maybe at gigs).

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