Seawolves & Spines in Wakefield 24.09.11

On Sat 24th September, the fine folk at Keep The Beat put on a great line up at The Hop in Wakefield with Southport, Caves, Crocodile God, Helen Chambers, Spines, Seawolves, The Magnificent and even my new lot Get Human.  All the bands were ace and it was great to catch up with a load of people I hadn’t seen for a while.  It was also great to see people who might be considered an age I am fast approaching still putting on and playing gigs in a DIY fashion and generally being top folk.

I didn’t get much recorded but here’s a song from the rather fantastic Seawolves who feature a couple of familiar faces from Chopper and Torinho 74.   They remind me a bit of Hooton 3 Car or Mega City 4 but with more of an 80’s indie feel so if you’re into that sort of thing, keep an eye out.

I also recorded two songs from Spines, and yes the first one is the same song as the one I uploaded from Out of Spite, but hey, I may be called many things, but professional has never been one of them!


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