Unfun (Canada) in Leeds 15th April 2011

Yes this gig is in the future, that is because I am putting it on rather than uploading a recording of it. Confused? You should be. Here’s a lovely poster that the lovely Dan Bowden did for me to advertise said gig…

Here’s the full gig blurb lifted straight from the facebook event (I only have so many words in me…)

The New Wave of Cut & Paste Presents

Unfun (Vancouver, Canada)
on Fast Crowd/ADD Records for fans of melodic pop punk ala OWTH, Get Bent, Dear Landlord but with a layer of grime as if LARD or Neurosis were covering The Dickies.

Leeds’ finest exponents of indie-rock ala Guided By Voices or Supergrass (or somewhere in between) ex Dugong/Pylon

Sheffield’s finest Crocodile God influenced punk rock outfit

From all over the shop these booze addled pop-punkers return to lay waste

Achtung Everybody!
Old enough to know better, old enough not to care, tightshortwearingtechpunkz

www.myspace.com/achtungeverybody!!FREE ENTRY!! 

And if that’s not enough to draw you in how about a FREE song by each band in one handy  mixtape download (mix courtesy of Benny from Achtung Everybody!)?  Well click here to get this beautiful little bundle of joy. The tracklisting is: Achtung Everybody (Infernal Affairs), Calvinball (Derek, What Are You Trying To Prove), Protectors (Honeymoon), Pudge (Chippy Tea), Unfun (Acid).
Tell your friends and bring them with.  How much free stuff can I offer??  If this gig goes well then more shall follow.

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