Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

Never Again @ The Albert Brighton 11.07.10

I can’t pretend to know an awful lot about Never Again, I’d heard their name bandied about a bit by people that were into the more ‘moshtastic’ of the hardcore bands and assumed they’d be of a similar ilk so it was with some cynicism that I watched them at the (incredible) Brighton matinee gig that Jay put on.  Though not totally enamoured with the crowd (packed gig, everyone watching but 5-10 people ‘owning’ the front by punching and kicking like some robot ninjas whose circuits had gone haywire) the band really impressed me.  Though clearly taking influences (whether directly or not) from bands like Sick of it All, Cro-Mags and the like they definately put a new slant on things and weren’t afraid to talk about their politics which is something that is in dire need in what is quite a macho scene.  The band have some lovely vinyl out too so head over to their myspace and check it out.

Here’s the set:

Intro/Race Riots

Pressure II

Anxiety Attack

No Sympathy

Mindless Believer

Poor Excuse

Watered Down

Same Old Story

Enough Is Enough

Shallow Life

Right click and download/save as here


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