Apologies I Have None @ The Cowley Club Brighton 01.04.10

Apologies I Have None are shit hot, that is all you need to know.  If you would like to know more though, then in the words of Chris Morris, ‘here is the news…’.  AIHN used to be a two piece (Josh and Dan) they were fucking sweet and the songs were shit hot.  Then a little while ago they announced they were becoming a four piece, moving Josh from drums to second guitar and getting in a drummer and bassist; uh oh! said everyone, change is bad!  We were all apprehensive but then we found out PJ (of Rooftops, Neil Sutherland Band and mostly importantly of all PJ & Gaby fame) was to be the bassist, this made the world less sceptical as he’s a well known cool dude and wouldn’t be in a shit band.  Then I saw AIHN as a four piece and all was good with the world.  The songs are now bigger, warmer, dare I say better and with some bad ass motown-esque bass lines.  Rejoice!  Here they are playing at the Cowley Club in Brighton in fine fettle, a slightly shorter set than usual as shit was tight on the night with lots of bands but I like short sets (leaves you wanting more innit).  So tuck on in then go and buy their new 7″ from here its ace and has some cut out and fold animals, what more could you want?!

Set List:


100 CLUB




right click and save as to download from here


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