The Kids Are Alright II

In the last issue of The New Wave of Cut & Paste I wrote about some of the rather interesting questions posed to me by students at a local sixth form college when I gave some talks on mental health awareness.  I went back again this week and the new cohort didn’t disappoint.  Rather than including this in the next issue of the zine which would frankly be even lazier than I’m already being I’m just flinging it out there here.  Don’t worry this won’t make the next issue any later than it already is, it just won’t fit in.

I mean some of these are just cheeky (yes I get paid for this!), whilst others were just a bit misguided (I had to ask where they’d heard about the dream thing and a few horror films were name checked…).  The one about Hollyoaks was a genuine question as apparently there was a mental health issue going along but they could have been a bit more specific possibly.  As for the all goths being mental bit I just bored the shit out of them by going into diagnostic criteria and that shut the little buggers up.  Still oddly one of the best bits about my job!

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